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    FT using crossover cable

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      Hi all.


      I have a situation where a customer wants to implement FT for a single VM running on a 2-node vSphere 6 cluster. The network fabric is 1Gb and FT now requires 10Gb because of the new "fastcheckpoint" synchronisation method for SMP-FT. One possible scenario would be to install a 10Gb NIC in each host and use a crossover cable.


      Do you think this would be supported? Would it even work?


      Many thanks,


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          MattMeyer Expert
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          This is similar to how the setup was tested for the performance whitepaper on the legacy version of FT that can be found here:



          I cannot think of a reason why it wouldn't be supported without a switch in the communication channel.  The configuration for FT on the host is the same.  You may have to come up with some creative ways to upgrade the hosts without a 3rd host.  You will also give up the automatic remediation of FT due to a host failure.  vSphere HA will normally restart a failed VM on another host and reconfigure FT sync for you.  Without another place to run the VM, you'll be left in a reduced redundancy state.


          TL;DR: Will work fine and be supported, but you'll lose some things.

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            Thanks Matt,


            Good to see that the VMware lab guys have done something similar in the past -  that gives me an extra bit of confidence. I take your point about there being some loss of flexibility when it comes to rolling upgrades and maintaining redundancy levels during a host failure and I'll pass these points back to the end user.