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    hgfs not working on Fusion and latest Ubuntu 14.04

    ggeldenhuis Lurker

      I have been trying to build an Ubuntu box using packer( hashicorp) and also manually that I can use in vagrant. Vagrant as a tool makes use of hgfs to mount file systems on the host machine within the vm.


      The latest Ubuntu server 14.04.4 comes with 4.2.0-27 kernel which can be dist-upgraded to 4.2.-35.


      open-vm-tools (9.4.0-1280544-5ubuntu6) does not give me hgfs functionality so I have to resort to the VMWare Tools which tells me to use open-vm-tools. The installation of the VMWare Tools ( 10.0.5-3228253 ) takes me through a list of questions, incidentally completely ignoring the --force-install flag and still prompting me. The end result of the installation of the tools is that I still don't have a functioning vmhgfs kernel driver when I reboot the box so I can't use shared folder functionality in vagrant. The only way past this at the moment is to use an older kernel and release from Ubuntu. I can get it working fine using Ubuntu 14.04.3 which comes with 3.19.0-25.


      I am using VMware Fusion 8.1.0 (3272237)


      So my question is, how can I get vmware tools to install a working version of the vmhgfs kernel module on the latest version of Ubuntu 14.04.4?