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    Cannot install VSA due to EVC.

    CNeedle Lurker

      Hi There,


      I'm looking for some help on an issue which relates to EVC and installing VSA.


      I have x3 ESXi 5.5U3B hosts

      vCenter is running on VMHOST1

      VSA Management is installed


      When I ran the VSA installer I initially ran into a problem that the CPU for vCenter was using a non compatible EVC mode (Haswell Chipset). In order to work around this I created a cluster and set the EVC mode to Sandy-Bridge, moved VMHOST2 & 3 into it. Next I powered down the vCenter server moved the VM files over to local storage on VMHOST2 and brought it back online. Finally I cleaned up the local storage on VMHOST1 and moved it into the cluster - end result all VM's were now using the Sandy-Bridge EVC mode.


      Now when I run the installation the all three ESXi hosts fail with the error "Host should not be in a cluster", "Unsupported Hardware"


      So my question is how can I force the vCenter server to run in Sandy-Bridge mode without it being in a cluster, is there a configuration file I can edit directly on Host itself?