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    Persona Management Newbie, is it stable? Will it speed up logins?

    HendersonD Hot Shot

      We have been using VMWare View for three years with Windows 7 desktops and feel quite experienced with View

      For the past month we have been working on building a Windows 10 desktop and have everything working well with the exception of login times

      Since we use non-persistent desktops, every login is a fresh login. Login time under Win7 is 35 seconds. Login time under Win10 is 1:10


      We are thinking about trying Persona Management as a method of decreasing login times. Two questions

      1. Will Persona Management significantly decrease login times? We are thinking it might hoping Persona Management saves many of the pieces that are put in place upon the initial login to a desktop, reproducing these quickly on subsequent logins
      2. Is Persona Management stable? We certainly do not want to roll out Persona Management to find out it is unstable, unreliable, and chews up time troubleshooting
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