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    Prescript for diferent operations

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      Mirage has postscripts for all the common operations that can be done on the system like after applied a base layer, a migration or an app layer deploy.


      This scripts are very useful but I can not find a simple way to execute an script before the migration or other operations.


      In my particular case we are going to make the first phase of a migration program that have to upgrade 3000 systems and we found that some of the systems have the internal database the problema use in a different place.

      We can save the database registry keys and files with a schedule task with sccm but the ideal way would be with a premigration scripts associated with the operation the same way the postscripts are executed.


      It would also be very useful in a case for example that a database should be saved just before the last reboot (a scripts that is executed on the reboot sequence after the layer is provisioned). In this case the premigration scripts could stop the DB and make a full backup with good integrity and no user data loose thet could then be restored with the postmigration scripts.



      I can find some sort of premigration scripts in a inf file that mirage have as a drivers layer. This inf file seems that was installed by vmware in the lab for this project but can not find any documentation bout it.


      The inf file is a simple inf that seems that only have the driver ID and a script bat file.

      The script start with the info provided below but without any more info or documentation so I do not know what conditions are needed to execute the batch and when is executed:


      @echo off

      REM VMWare Mirage Example Script

      REM ==============================

      REM There are 6 Mirage flows in which this script will be executed.

      REM 1. Applying a Base Layer (DownloadImage)

      REM 2. Restore

      REM 3. Restore User Data And Settings (RestoreUserData )

      REM 4. Restore and Assign a new Base Layer or Restore User Applications Data and Settings (Rebase)

      REM 5. Windows 7 Migration, Provisioning (Migration)

      REM 6. Server invoked, using the Apply Driver Library option (SetDriverLibrary)



      REM Recommended usage:

      REM Use this script to perform one explicit task, as this script will run again if failed and the client didn't complete an upload.

      REM To include more then one task, simply create more copies of this script.

      REM To run a command, enter it in the corresponding section in the script below.