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    How can i reinstall ESXI6.0 without loosing Virtual machines?

    vivasindustries Novice

      Hello there.


      Hello there.


      Today out of nowhere it seems i have a problem.


      On my server i have two hard drives. One the first i have the ESXI 6 installed. Today it takes way much longer to load and when it is loaded i can not connect with the vSphere client.
      For luck i can connect via SSH console.

      Is it possible that the hard disk which loads the ESXI (even way too longer) to be failing and for that i have all the problem. Is it possible ?

      Is there any way that i can backup all VMs via SSH ? This is my only access.


      Also i am wondering about reinstalling ESXI 6 and install it on the other hard drive BUT without loosing the Virtual Machines and the data stored in them.

      If this is possible how I'll be able to run them after a successful reinstall ?


      Also if the first hard drive on which now the ESXI is installed and it happens to be  this hard disk failure does that mean that i can not save the VMs on this hard disk and the data stored in them ?


      Looking forward for advices.


      Please tell me if i have to provide some more information.


      Also what command should i run in the SSH console so i can be sure that there is a problem with the hard disk ?


      Thanks in advance!