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    Trouble when attaching new vSwtich and assigning VLAN to it.

    vivasindustries Novice

      I am using ESXI 6.0.


      I have two physical NICs to my dedicated server.
      So in this case i have two vSwitches.


      As a default management switch i user vSwtich0 and this switch seems to have no VLAN assigned.



      Then i login in my vSphere client and when i click on  "Add Networking.." and i choose "Virtual Machine" after that i choose 'vSwitch1" and on the next page where i am asked to assign VLAN ID i assign 1.
      Note that on vSwitch0 I do not have any VLAN ID assigned.


      There comes the trouble. When i set on the Virtual NIC of  Virtual Machine there is no internet connection. But if i remove vSwitch1 and reattach it again but this time with no VLAN ID assignment there is no problems. I can connect to the Internet without problems.


      After all i am trying to create one Virtual Machine with two Vitrual NICs connected to it and make that Virtual Machine accessible from two different IP addresses. One IP from vSwitch0 and one IP vSwtich1. Is it possible? Can i do that?


      I was reading that in order to do that i must have VLAN IDs in place, but i am not sure if it is correct in order to achieve that.


      I found this guide of how can i add additional IP to Virtual Machine How to: Configure Additional IP Addresses on Hypervisors - Ubiquity Hosting Blog but it seems pretty hard to me. Is there any easier way?
      I don't know if it is important but my server is connecting to the Internet via DHCP.


      I hope you can help me.


      Thanks in advance!