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    AppVolumes 3.0 - AppToggle

    sappomannoz Enthusiast

      I can't find mention of AppToggle in the docs. And also I can't find any obvious reference in the management interface.

      Is app toggle a 3.0 feature or will it come in the next releases?

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          sappomannoz Enthusiast

          Do I have to use UEM 9 to do this?

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            Raymond_W Hot Shot
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            AppToggle: Enable per user entitlement and installation of applications within a single AppStack for maximum flexibility. Reduce the number of AppStacks that need to be managed, lower storage capacity and management costs even further, improve performance, and allow applications to share or have different dependencies in a single AppStack.


            You can find more answers on AV 3.0 questions here: http://www.vmware.com/files/pdf/appvolumes/vmware-appvolumes-faq.pdf



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              Raymond_W Hot Shot
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              No, you don't need UEM 9.0 for this..see previous answer



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                sappomannoz Enthusiast

                Hello Raymond,


                thanks for the replies, but how do I assign only a subset of apps in an appstack to an user? I see no mention of this in the documentation and if I just select an application in the catalog app volumes makes every app in the appstack for assignments. So the only way I can find of hiding some apps is via EUM 9

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                  jsinclair Enthusiast

                  I'm seeing the same thing. If anyone has any insight on this I would appreciate it. If I'm forced to select an entire catalog, this will get messy displaying EVERY application in app stacks. If I can't pick and choose, let's just go back to the old way where I can select an entire stack and keep things clean.

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                    Jason_Marshall Hot Shot
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                    AppToggle Appstacks are created by merging individual captures into an AppToggle appstack. Using the AppCapture and AppMerge tools you can create captures that can toggle on a signle or multiple applications as you see fit.


                    More documentation, blogs, videos are in the works to help explain the new concepts and procedures.

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                      alsmk2 Enthusiast

                      When you say "individual captures," do you mean running appcapture.exe individually for every application? I.E. we won't be able to install multiple applications at the same time if we want to use AppToggle?

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                        Jason_Marshall Hot Shot
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                        Essentially yes. If you want to control each app independently from other apps, yes they need to be captured separately and then merged into a single AppToggle Appstack. Otherwise everything you capture in a single capture session with be toggled on or off.

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                          alsmk2 Enthusiast

                          Simple enough and seems to work well. For info, this is how I did it:


                          From the App Capture machine:


                          1. appcapture /n GoogleChrome - run through as normal.

                          2. appcapture /n Notepad++ - run through as normal.

                          3. appmerge /o c:\merge\Appstack1.vhd /s "c:\path\to\GoogleChrome.vhd" "c:\path\to\Notepad++.vhd

                          4. appmerge /vmdk "c:\merge\Appstack1.vhd"

                          5. Copy the new Appstack1 to the fileshare and sync as normal.


                          At that point I was then able to create assignments with either of the apps in it. Pretty cool... just wish it was more streamlined a process.


                          I've also noticed that when appcapture has finished, it simply unmounts the vhd without removing the applications cleanly. It means if, like me, you forgot to snapshot your capture machine prior to app stack creation, it leaves traces that couldn't easily be removed using the bog standard control panel uninstall tool. I wouldn't be too happy with that if my capture machine was physical.