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    Raid Setup on ESXI 6 on Supermicro MB

    Wizzard005 Novice

      Aloha Guys,


      I went out and bought supported hardware for my server build. I know this motherboard is supported because on their website it lists esxi up to version 6.  Anyways, I set up my raid 10, but when i install esxi and then vsphere to log in, I do not see the raid that i have set up, I only see one of the HDD's and not even the correct size.  How do i set up the raid so it works correctly?


      I can add HDD's on the main one to make the size larger, but that i dont think is what i am looking for?


      I tried that, but then it took one of the HDD's out of the raid setup I did in the bios, then i had to do a reinstall all over again.


      Any advise on help would be great, server runs good, but not using 4 hdds i have installed, only is using one...