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        vivo67 Lurker

        I am a developer using virtual machines with Vagrant.

        Currently most of my colleagues are using VirtualBox, so I will finally be switching as well.

        I do not trust a company that fires the developers who really know their code.

        As a developer I know how hard it is to understand code that someone else has written,

        no matter how good the documentation.

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          Mikero Master
          VMware Employees

          Thanks for the feedback. We hear you.


          One thing to note however is that the only team affected was the UI team.

          All core hypervisor, virtual device and platform layer development remains unchanged. This includes graphics, networking, USB devices, and everything that doesn't fall explicitly under 'UI'.

          Further, the old UI team is actively transitioning the code knowledge to the new team directly, it's not a matter of 'go read the docs'.

          Lastly, many of the key UI developers are still with VMware working on other projects and will be able to share their expertise if the new team requires it in the future.


          While we're on the topic... The new team is actually twice as large as the old and more specialized in the areas where we want Fusion to grow. We have gained support for our updated roadmap the past few weeks, and while I can't get into the details yet, we (the product team) are incredibly excited about the direction that we're taking the product in, and that direction is largely drawn with feedback from users like you and everyone else who has chimed in on this thread.


          Keep it coming! We're reading everything!

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            vmxmr Hot Shot

            Hey Mike,


            Thank you for sharing. I wish you had said this earlier. It would have quelled many rumors and much misinformation that is on the web.


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              chetman Novice

              Fusion HAS no future for me. I mean, it might've, but this week I


              * foolishly upgraded to 8, only to discover you'd deliberately removed a feature I rely on (split screen support)

              * sought and received a refund, which SOUNDS like it went well except...

              * ...in upgrading I lost access to my Fusion 7 key, and in requesting the refund I lost my Fusion 8 key.

              * Given that I was promised by the support rep on Monday that they'd allow me to activate Fusion 7 with a Fusion 8 key, I'd already removed Fusion 8.


              So now it's Thursday, and I still have no access to ANY version of Fusion even though the only refund I got was for the upgrade to 8. It's pretty crappy that you've denied me access to ANY version of your product while you take your sweet time fixing the licensing situation. It's also pretty crappy that, at least twice during this ongoing support situation, I've been outright lied to by your offshore reps, who will clearly promise just about anything to get an irate customer off the phone. (The first was the promise that they'd allow me to reactivate 7 on Monday; I never received a key to do so. The second was today when I was promised a callback resolving the situation before EOB. Obviously, that didn't happen either.)


              So, yeah. Not super excited about Fusion or VMWare, so it's "future" for me is very, very murky.

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                wila Guru
                vExpertUser ModeratorsCommunity Warriors

                Hello chetman


                The thing is that licenses are not uninstalled normally when you upgrade. In fact the license should still be there (and I would actually have expected VMware Fusion 7 to be able to find it)


                In any case, the license key is in plain text in a config file on your host.

                The following line should display it:

                $ cat /Library/Preferences/VMware\ Fusion/license-fusion-70* | grep -i "serial"




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                  Kristof_59 Lurker


                  despite this thread has started some months ago I would like to line up with other users.


                  I am using Fusion for private use - For me it is great that I can use selected Windows programs under Max OS X (just a side comment: I am also using VMWare Player under Windows to run XP on Windows 7, which is also great for me).

                  Please continue to support OS X as host OS for Windows - this makes it possible to use MacBook/iMac etc. in the Windows environment. I understand that this support is not for free on your side. It is ok for me to pay for Fusion as a piece of software that gives a real benefit in almost daily use (yes, I understand that there are other virtualization solutions available, but having one consistent user interface on VMWare player and Fusion is something I don't want to miss).


                  Best Regards,



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                    dlhotka Master

                    So you're switching to a product that's an oh by the way, non-core competency for that vendor, instead of sticking with the one who basically invented the concept.


                    And you don't think Oracle offshores their development? 

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                      vivo67 Lurker

                      You are right, Oracle is in no way better.

                      But I really do not care who invented the concept. That is no decision criteria for me.

                      And core competency? Yes, but I need a very limited set of features. VirtualBox currently is good enough.

                      And I thought they had just thrown core (desktop hypervisor) competency out!

                      The only risk I see is that when Vmware and Parallels give up on the desktop then VirtualBox surely will

                      cost quite some bucks. Up to now I bought a license every year.


                      Had I known that the core hypervisor team etc. was not affected,

                      I would have been much less inclined to switch. But Mikes Message here was the first that I could find.

                      But as I said above, my colleagues are using VirtualBox, which is sufficient for development.

                      And since we are using Vagrant, I not only had to pay for Fusion but for the Vagrant plugin as well.

                      Every year.


                      So I will wait and see, check the reviews of the next version. Since I am not interested in the

                      UI part of Fusion, it might still be a solution for me. But laying off 800 people although the numbers

                      looked good is still a questionable move. And that Oracle does/did the same is no excuse.

                      I just have to chose which questionable decision I will make. Perhaps xhyve will become a valid contender.


                      It might be an interesting idea to sell a Non-GUI Vmware Fusion at a more competitive price.

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                        wila Guru
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                        Hi Victor,


                        It might be an interesting idea to sell a Non-GUI Vmware Fusion at a more competitive price.


                        If you don't need a GUI, you might want to try AppCatalyst:

                        Introducing AppCatalyst - the desktop hypervisor for developers - Cloud-Native AppsCloud-Native Apps - VMware Blogs


                        It's free, so I guess it might be competitive with VirtualBox


                        Note: that you cannot run Fusion and AppCatalyst concurrently at the same time.

                        Only one of the hypervisors can be running at the same time.


                        edit: Ohhh.. I never noticed the marketing words that this is the Tech Preview for free, so not sure about what it would cost in the future.



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                          vivo67 Lurker

                          Barrie Seed (@BarrieSeed) tweeted at 8:35am - 6 Mar 16:


                          VMware AppCatalyst dead in the water? No update for 8 months, pity as it did seem worthwhile and free vagrant plugin (https://twitter.com/BarrieSeed/status/706382602836406272?s=17)

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                            wila Guru
                            Community WarriorsUser ModeratorsvExpert



                            Please ask that question at the correct spot:

                            VMware AppCatalyst

                            and maybe ask yourself instead of quoting a random(?) tweet.



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                              vivo67 Lurker

                              The topic of AppCatalyst was brought up here by you. Therefore I consider this the right place to point out that it does not seem to be very active.

                              After looking at


                              VMwareAppCatalystVMwareCommunities2016-03-29 10-42-29.png


                              I googled and found the tweet I quoted which mirrored my impression very well.

                              So it was not random

                              I do not know why I feel I have to defend myself ...

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                                wila Guru
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                                Hi Victor,


                                The reason I asked to go post the question at the AppCatalyst forum because that's where you'll find VMware employees who can answer the specific question.

                                AFAIK it's not dead in the water and it's part of the photon workflow which is under active development ( VMware® Open Source Software )


                                I answered with AppCatalyst because it was the answer to your question.

                                Please do not read more into it and take this thread further off topic.



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                                  ExEmployee Lurker

                                  Hmmmm...interesting how replies to this thread are mysteriously missing.

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                                    vmxmr Hot Shot

                                    Hmmmm...interesting how replies to this thread are mysteriously missing.


                                    One of my replies went missing from this thread, too. I had retained a local copy, so I posted it again and it stayed. I gave VMware the benefit of the doubt and assumed it was a technical issue with the forums, not deliberate censoring of posts. I still think that, until proven otherwise. It seemed to coincide with a forum service outage. I noticed another brief forum service outage recently. Could it be related? I have posted critical comments at other times that did not go missing. My comments can get pretty caustic at times.

                                    Can be more descriptive about what you posted that went missing? I suggest you try again - let's see if it sticks.


                                    "Never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence." (Hanlon's razor)