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    Logon task for bginfo

    jsinclair Enthusiast

      I'm trying to get a logon task to work that will push out a custom background using BGinfo, but for some reason I can't get it to work. I have tried running the command directly, as a VBscript, but no luck. The bginfo.exe and .bgi file (contains the configuration) are both applied as files in the User Environment configuration. I am able to get this to work if I create a triggered task for reconnect using the exact same command.


      Has anyone else had any issues with the logon task configuration? Is there log files I can look at? Any help would be appreciated...thanks!

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          HartmutEhl Enthusiast



          did you try to put bginfo into the user Startup Folder?

          This can be easy achieved using Flex+

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            jsinclair Enthusiast

            Yes, I ended up doing that and it appears to be working now. Not sure why the logon tasks are inconsistent. Thanks!

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              HartmutEhl Enthusiast

              Hi, good to hear that it works.

              I'm afraid that this is no inconsistency.

              Logon Tasks will usually run before the Desktop is present.

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                Boe_K Enthusiast

                Why you mind providing me with more details on how you were able to get this working as I'm new to UEM. Previously we were using persona and just had a vbs file baked into the startup folder of our image, ever since moving to UEM we are now getting ghosting of the bginfo text and was thinking this might possibly fix the issue for us.

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                  HartmutEhl Enthusiast

                  There are two configurations:

                  1. Background Picture

                  important is to put the transcoded wallpaper into the Archive.







                    Ghosting happens if you reuse the bginfo wallpaper


                  2. BGINFO

                  just a Startup link like  "C:\Program Files (x86)\BGInfo\Bginfo.exe" "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\BGInfo\somefile.bgi" /timer:0 /silent /nolicprompt



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                    VIR2AL3X Enthusiast

                    jsinclair - seems like you got the answer you were looking for...


                    But, instead of adding it to the startup folder, you can also add a RunOnce registry key to call a script which reads your bgi_config file.  This is how I have done it so that I can keep the actual BGInfo files in a remote location, and it will be called at each login.  And instead of having it display info on the wallpaper, I have it set to open in a separate window.




                    I use this for all my physical and virtual machines.  For My VMs, I configured it to also show me the VM Tools version as well.  If anyones interested, I don't mind sharing here for the community...just let me know!

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                      Boe_K Enthusiast

                      Hey HTH thanks for the replace currently I'm capturing the following:


                      #User Profile Data





                      #Prevent syncing of ost file on users cache mode enabled


                      <UserProfile>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\%EmailAddress% - Default Outlook Profile.ost



                      #remove bginfo wallpaper





                      The problem I'm running into is the first time I set a new wallpaper everything is fine, I then reboot and it gets the bginfo correctly the first time. I reboot again the archive looks fine but then when I log back in it's blurred and what I'm finding is that the transcoded wallpaper is getting modifed and the old bginfo water mark is showing up on it.


                      If anyone has any ideas I would love to talk about this as it's been frustrating me for a number of days and our users are complaining since we didn't have this issue when we were using Persona.

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                        Pim999 Enthusiast

                        If you see the BGinfo from the previous session, simply remove the UEM Config File for the Wallpaper (found in the Personalization tab in the UEM Management Console).

                        That stops the wallpaper from being saved for each session. With BGinfo you simply create a new wallpaper each session, so no need to save it to the profile.

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                          Boe_K Enthusiast

                          Thanks for the info Pim999 only problem with that is we want to give users the ability to change the wallpaper if they like to something other then the standard areo theme wallpaper.

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                            Pim_van_de_Vis Expert
                            vExpertVMware Employees

                            BGinfo changes the wallpaper, so the only solutions I see are:

                            - run BGinfo at logoff and undo the changes (don't know it that is possible).

                            - run BGinfo in a seperate window as mentioned above. That will prevent BGinfo from changing the wallpaper.

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                              epa80 Enthusiast

                              Not to hijack the thread, but, we're also trying to deliver BGInfo via a logon task, but are receiving the following popup. If we click run it will indeed work, but, can't figure out why we're getting the prompt to begin with.

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                                epa80 Enthusiast

                                I should clarify that this seems to happen on IE11 desktops but not IE8 desktops.

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                                  Pim_van_de_Vis Expert
                                  vExpertVMware Employees

                                  The fix is through GPO.

                                  User Configuration - Administative Templates - Windows Components - Internet Explorer - Internet Control Panel - Security Page  ... then it's Site to Zone Assignment List

                                  Add the server where the .cmd or .bat file is being launched from to the trusted zone.

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                                    epa80 Enthusiast

                                    Still having the issue it seems. I have BGInfo coming from a DFS share via namespace \\server\uem, the full path to the .BAT running is \\server\uem\uemconfig\bginfo\workstation.bat. I had \\server\uem to my trusted zones like your reply said, but, still receiving it.

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