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    Pool hangs at Customizing

    JLogan3o13 Novice

      I am trying to spin up a new pool for a specific use case, and am running into some issues. I am hoping someone can offer suggestions. The pool is on a secure VLAN with very little access to the outside world. The security engineer created a full ACL to allow all traffic between the vCenter server and this VLAN for Composer activities. When attempting to spin up the pool, I see the template cloned and the machines successfully created. The machines are joined to the domain (I can actually see the objects in A.D), but that is the point where they hang. If I log into one manually as the local admin, I am immediately presented with a Windows prompt to reboot to complete changes. However, even doing this does not allow the machine to move beyond the customizing phase.


      We are using KMS for Windows activation through the QuickPrep, but I have confirmed from within one of the created VMs that I can telnet to the KMS server on that port, so I don't believe it is that. Just in case, I set the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\vmware-viewcomposer-ga\SkipLicenseActivation registry key to 1. However this does not seem to have helped any. If I move the pool back to our normal VLAN it spins up just fine, but our security engineer swears he is not seeing any traffic failing between vCenter and the secure VLAN. Just curious if anyone has some suggestions on what to try next, or has seen something similar.