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    Problems with "Log in As Current User" option during install of Horizon View Client in a View Managed Virtual Desktop

    glowery Novice

      When running the install of the Horizon View Client on a Horizon View managed virtual desktop the "Log in As Current User" option is unavailable during the installation. On a physical desktop not managed by Horizon View the option is available without an issue. Is there something I'm missing here for the installation of the View Client in a View Managed virtual desktop? I've verified that I have the correct View Agent Version as well as Horizon Client Version (6.x view agent and 3.x Horizon Client). I can connect to Horizon View remote apps just fine through the client after installation, but have to enter a password in a second time to do so.  On a physical desktop I don't have this problem.  We're trying to roll Remote App access out to end-users connecting to virtual desktops using zero clients, so the ability to only have to login once for them would go along way towards adoption of Remote Apps for the regular end users (i.e. - not IT).


      Thanks in advance for any answer!