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    Weird Networking problem with Windows 2008 R2 VMs

    taylorb Expert

      I am not 100% sure this is VMware related, but I am having this weird networking problem with my 2008 R2 VMs.    On VMs with a static IP, about every 2nd or 3rd time I reboot them, they come up with no network connectivity and a 169.x.x.x autoconfig address.   Rebooting the VM brings back the static IP and full network function.  If it was just a network connectivity or driver issue, you'd think my IP would still be there, so I am baffled. Mostly the fact that a reboot breaks it and then a reboot fixes it is what is perplexing.  It would make more sense if it just stayed broke and then I could troubleshoot.     I even totally redid my VMware image and newly deployed VMs have this issue, too.   So either I am systemically doing something wrong, or I have a weird bug.   Patching is a nightmare because of this, as you can imagine. 


      I thought maybe this KB article would have something to do with it:Virtual machine is assigned an invalid IP address after a reboot

      But it mentions "The guest operating system network interface with a static IP address fails to communicate with the network until the IP address is changed to DHCP and then back to a static IP address".   These work as soon as I reboot, every time.  Also, I have 200 VMs and the problem is random so I can't very well fix every single one with a unique registry key (well I'd rather not). 

      Any ideas?