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    loud hissing noise from my mac VM on ESXi 6

    aaron_sf Novice

      How do I get sound to work for my VMs on ESXi 6?

      I have ESXi running on my Mac Pro 6,1 hardware, which has built in audio/speaker ... and I have an OSX 10.11 VM running as a guest .. can that VM direct it's audio output to the underlying audio hardware of the Mac Pro/ESXi host?


      All I hear is a loud hissing whenever the OSX VM is trying to do audio .. and not from the Mac Pro box... from the laptop I am accessing the VM from (so it must be trying to send the audio over my network to my laptop) ..


      tried RDP .. couldn't get that to work either...


      audio .. how... local/remote .. don't care ... anything but the hiss


      any tips?