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    Remove vCentre 5.5U3b  from SSO

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      I have a problem with a vCenter 5.5U3b install.  I have 2 vCs that used to be in linked mode under 5.0, set up before my time.  After the 5.5 upgrade they want them re-instated under Linked Mode.  I'm not sure.  Even Duncan Epping doesn't like it.  Anyway - I took a snapshot of vC, the primary site is ok, nothing to do, 2nd site according to VMW is uninstall all vCenter components then re-install SSO into multi-site and then the rest as normal.  Did that yesterday morning - all looked ok.  Then the CPU on the 2nd vC started to climb and topped out at 100%.   And has stayed there ever since.  Memory is about 50%


      I've been through as many KBs and guru's pages as I can find.  I've looked at DB table sizes for tasks and events, Java heap sizes, all kinds of config files, been through tons of logs looking at errors, some of which VMware shrug their shoulders and say, "no fix available".


      I have spent 2 days trying to fix it and now have had enuf.  ENUF I tell you!  I'm now planning on reverting back to the snapshot and either leaving it as-is or having another go.


      So - I went to unregister the 2nd vC from the primary SSO with the ssolscli tool and is isn't listed.  Does that mean the join failed and I don't need to unregister it?    It is obviously listed on it's own SSO with 6 services listed.


      They are on W2008 R2 with a SQL Server 2008 R2 DB.  I'm now in uncharted territory so any advice taken.