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    Which AD account for VCSA?

    taylorb Expert

      When deploying the VCSA it asks for an Administrator account to link up with Windows Active Directory.   Which account do I use?  Is this a one time use of the account, like when you join a windows server to the domain?  Or it is supposed to be a service account for ongoing access?   Not sure if I just use a personal account or need a dedicated one.  The documentation was not clear, nor did it provide many details other than "Administrator account".


      Thanks for the help. 

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          npadmani Master
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          which version VCSA that you are trying to deploy?

          During deployment of vCenter Appliance, it asks for SSO details. like in following screenshot

          Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 12.28.02 AM.png

          Active Directory as Identity store can be linked later, by going in SSO administration in vSphere Web Client.

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            cszone Lurker

            SSO Administrator account it's like windows local administrator

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              well...you can say so for your own understanding but there's no direct comparison between those two.

              SSO is an application service residing either on Windows or Linux, where both those OS have local users/groups. And SSO with the help of VMDir is getting this domain called vSphere.local (name can be customised) which also has users and group accounts. but this is an additional directory service gets deployed during deployment of VMware SSO.

              SSO administrator account is default administrator of SSO, will then help you to configure SSO to point to external identity sources like AD or OpenLDAP.