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    Vcenter 6 "upgrade" path

    taylorb Expert

      I've got a Windows/SQL vCenter 5.5.0c server that was upgraded multiple times from very old versions, and even P2V'ed at one point.   I had tried to do an in place upgrade to v6 over the weekend and I ran into some database issues and had to back out.  I think we probably resolved the DB issues, but it got me thinking that I really just would rather be on the Appliance going forward.    I tried the Fling VCSA migration appliance to migrate to the DB, but it just kept hanging at the same place and VPX wouldn't start.   I'm kind of at the point where I'm wondering if starting over fresh on a clean VCSA is the right path.  


      Browsing some online resources, it seems like migrating to a new vCenter would be as simple as disabling DRS and HA, removing the hosts one at a time and connecting them to the new vCenter.  Is there anything more to it than that?


      Our environment is fairly simple:


      • <15 hosts
      • 1 vCenter single server setup
      • no Distributed Switches  (but conversion to dvswitch planned soon)
      • no VDI
      • no vSAN
      • no FT


      So I think all of the normal gotchas wouldn't apply to me, right? 


      Or I guess I could try to give the Windows upgrade another go since I think I solved my DB issues.  Maybe Vmware will release a fully supported and featured VCSA converter with 6.5?