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    VDS Port Configuration

    NedPAdams Lurker

      I am using vSphere 6.0 update 1, with 4 hosts each with 4- 1GB port and 4 - 10GB ports. Using Nic Teaming/Failover, that would allow me to have four Port Groups/vmk's. My question is how to best configure my vmk's/port groups.


      I understand that the traffic ports are:

      1. Management
      2. vMotion
      3. Fault Tolerance
      4. Virtual SAN
      5. Virtual Machine

      I will be creating vSAN, for this test bed system it will be small (4 hosts and less than 250 VMs) with several windows domains (<10)


      I was going to create the following:

      1. Management - 1 GB
      2. vMotion - 10 GB
      3. FT - 1GB
      4. VM and vSAN - 10 GB

      Any advice would be appreciated

      Thanks in Advance

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          linotelera Hot Shot


          I suggest to separate VSAN traffic from VM traffic...



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            NedPAdams Lurker

            Thanks for the response, should I put the VSAN with the vMotion  since it is the other 10GB link?

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              HaniHammad Lurker

              if it is available, you mayuse separate physical functions such as UMC to divide the 10G adapter to add more adapters as needed

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                NedPAdams Lurker

                My 10 Gb cards are Qlogic/Brocade BR-1020 and they don't support UMC.  But this is a cool feature, Thanks

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                  linotelera Hot Shot

                  With or without umc, dvs comes with 2 cool feature that could supply to a logical separation: NIOC and ingress/egress Traffic shaping. IMHO VSAN needs 10Gb with redundancy and without share traffic with VMs, but you could share 2 physical 10Gb switch with a simple VLAN separation.

                  Management traffic NIC must be separated because in many scenario and regulations this line is not placed in the same physical switch dedicated for production (it depends on your physical network scenario). Then use 4 Gbe nic with balancing and redundancy for the rest of traffic (NIOC could help you to avoid contention problem that could invoke HA for host isolation).

                  The last 2 10Gb could be used for VMs traffic with VLAN tagging, traffic shaping and NIOC if needed. If you want (NIOC is mandatory) you could share vMotion traffic with these 10Gbe nics with a separated VLAN and keeping in mind about security implications using VLAN and sharing management traffic with VM traffic.

                  Hope this could be useful.