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    Convert P2V Windows 2000 ESXi 5.5

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      We're running ESXi vCenter 5.5 with 3 5.5 hosts. I'm trying to convert an old physical Windows 2000 server and add it to one of our ESXi hosts.

      It seems like the latest version of the Agent converter I can run on the W2K server is 4.01. Anything newer than that won't install.

      And version 4.01 of the Standalone Converter cannot connect to an ESXi 5.5 host, (due to it not being compatible I'm suspecting).


      If I run Standalone Converter 5.5 and connect to the W2K server, it wants to upgrade the agent which it obviously can't do.


      Has anyone got this to work?

      Do I have any other options?