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    Updating SSL Certs breaks licensing service?

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      So, my signed cert is expiring soon. I purchased a renewal and went thru the process of installing the certificate via the certificate manager (option 1)


      The certificate installs successfully, and if I examine the certificate I get when logging into the webclient it seems to be correct.


      However, the hosts become disconnected. I tried renewing the CA certificate on each host, but that doesnt seem to help.

      Trying to reconnect the hosts gives me an error saying that a license could not be applied to the host... Asks if the license server is available.

      I checked the license server, and it is indeed running.


      I am using the vsphere 6 appliance.

      This was upgraded from vsphere 5. I had originally installed the certs in 5 and they were migrated over. Not sure if that is pertinent or not.


      Thanks for any insight you have