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    VMWARE Tools WARNING: Failed to get size of IP buffer / Failed to get nic info

    Alex575 Lurker

      Good morning,

      i have a problem with a Windows 2008 R2 SP1 Server virtual machine on ESX 5.5 Enviroment.

      Every about 30 days this server brings out the following warnings related to VMware Tools, in this sequence,
      every 5 minutes for about 2 hours:


      #1 Event 1000 – VMWARE Tools - [ warning] [vmsvc:guestinfo] Failed to get nic info.


      #2 Event 1000 – VMWARE Tools - [ warning] [vmsvc:vmsvc] Failed to get size of IP buffer.


      #3 Event 2001 – Perdisk – [warning] Unable to read performance data for the Disk performance counters.


      ...until it becomes inaccessible!!!

      It responds to the ping in a discontinuos way (not good)


      Vmware tools service doesn’t run

      I cannot manage the server

      I must force to RESET it from Vsphere to access again .

      I already re-installed once the VMware Tools, but the problem persists.


      Would you have some suggestions for me about this issue?


      Thanks a lot.