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        dmdev Lurker
        • graphic acceleration for OS X guests!


        Yes! This! I do mostly iOS development and need more improvements to OS X as a guest OS. Certain clients' code may require that I use an older version of Xcode, which I use OS X VM's to solve.


        • the integration of the OS X Hypervisor Framework and inclusion in the Mac App Store


        Any software that uses kexts I am fundamentally cautious of, and this goes a long way to establish trust. Trust is, in fact, the only reason I currently choose VMWare over Parallels.


        • better upgrade pricing


        I want to keep up to date, but pricing holds me back. I usually wait until there's a special, like your recent Black Friday special

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          wila Guru
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          Hi Mike,


          In my day to day job I use Fusion full time as a platform to use as a developer on mostly desktop products (some web stuff as well)


          Things I like to see in new Fusion


          - It's rather frustrating on having to keep on telling people that a repair install on VMware Tools does not tend to fix VMware Tools issues. This is an ongoing issue since AFAICR Fusion 1.x

          - Make copy & paste work reliable between full screen guests when swiping from one guest to another (Support Request # 15699096506) This broke somewhere around Fusion 4.x

          - vmhgfs on linux should be in open-vm-tools so that all kernel modules needed can be in the main kernel

          - Unity mode for Linux, bring it back please

          - Shrink disks in the GUI for OS X guests

          - OS X 3D support

          - Sad to say but you should hire more Q&A engineers as new versions nowadays tend to break more as they fix, I'm not used to that from VMware. Case in point is that NAT port forwarding broke on Fusion 8.1/WS12.1 It is hard to believe this wasn't tested for in an automated test.


          Oh and thanks for a -mostly- rock solid product



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            BobFillmore Novice

            Better graphics driver for OS X clients.... Apple Maps is currently unusable...  the map is blank.

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              Technogeezer Expert



              As a long-time user of Fusion (since v1) and a frequent visitor to this community' I'm genreally happy with Fusion. But here are a few things that I can suggest to make things better:


              More attention to product quality. There are too many reports of "how did that ever pass QA" defects whenever a new Fusion major release appears. There are too many "thats due to an Apple bug" which I would think should have been caught before release and not after.  Perhaps your testing and development process is not casting a wide enough sample of Mac models to catch configuration specific issues.


              Performance regressions. Too many reports of "my virtual machine worked fine  under version n-1 and is slower under version n".


              Fusion Pro should be for professionals. The current Fusion (nin-Pro) has a good set of features for the "I just want to run Windows on my Mac" customer. But the Pro version needs to have levels of control and configuration that are present in Workstation on Windows.


              A way to import physical systems or virtual machines from other platforms that will automatically remove platform specific drivers ( such as Parallels tools).

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                dl111122 Lurker

                I've been using Fusion since version 2.0.3


                It would be nice if Fusion supported Solaris 11. You supported previous versions of Solaris,

                now I find that "Install VMware Tools" fails on Solaris 11. As a result, cut/paste between

                the host and VM no longer works. Curiously enough, shared folders continue to work

                (I upgraded from VMware 7.1.0).


                When I called support the answer was "we don't support Solaris 11".

                And to prove it, support told me to look up the VMware compatibility guide.


                I really like Fusion, and don't want to be forced to use VirtualBox. I continue

                to pay for Fusion even though VirtualBox is free.

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                  vmxmr Hot Shot

                  Dear Mike,


                  I saw your note when it first came out, and I wasn't sure what I wanted to say. I hope it is not too late now. I work from home, but sometimes bring my MacBook Pro to customer sites, where I use VMware Fusion if needed for other (non-Mac) platforms.


                  I use VMware Fusion for many different functions:


                  • Running a business-class firewall appliance in a VMware virtual machine on a Mac mini Server. It serves as the gateway/router/firewall for the home network. Using bridged networking, it is isolated from the Mac mini Server itself. The Mac mini Server uses its own virtual machine firewall to connect to the Internet.
                  • Running Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Server so that I can run a variety of legacy applications (mostly PowerPC) that are no longer supported and will not run on later versions of OS X.
                  • Running other versions of Mac OS X and OS X for testing purposes.
                  • Running Windows 7 and Windows XP as a user. Certain applications are only available on Windows. They include applications related to vehicle repair and diagnostics (usually from my MacBook Pro), managing access to our neighborhood gate (really!), specialized applications that my customers depend on, and much more.
                  • Running a variety of Windows platforms as a developer and Windows admin for testbeds. They include Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2.
                  • Running a variety of Linux distros for testing, development, and personal use. This is where I test software before deploying it on cheap VPSs (virtual private servers) on the Internet.


                  Here are things I appreciate about VMware Fusion (vs. the competition):


                  • Not a subscription model. I hate subscription licenses. I won't buy a product if it is based on a subscription license. So far, I have been able to avoid them entirely. The thought of losing access to my virtual machines because a subscription license expires is anathema to me.
                  • Generous license - I can run VMware Fusion on multiple Macs in my home.
                  • Snapshots and easy-to-backup virtual machines (yeah, big files, but compressing them helps a lot). This is invaluable for testing.
                  • Cross-platform compatibility - At my previous employer, we were able to move virtual machines between VMware on Windows, Linux, and Macs for testing and development purposes. This was undeniably useful.
                  • In general, Fusion just works. I can run all of the above on my Mac. ... while still running Mac applications on the Mac itself.


                  Here is where VMware desperately needs to improve:

                  • Product Quality
                    • It is plainly apparent to everyone that VMware is not investing sufficient resources into ongoing Fusion development and maintenance.
                    • This is especially true for QA testing. I have bought every new release since version 3, perhaps earlier (but I can't find the records that far). The last several releases seem to introduce more bugs than the previous version, and I question the value of the features that were added. Many features that used to work are currently broken. This is a huge downer for me, because I contribute every year when a new release comes out, only to find that it is worse than the previous version.
                    • Time to fix bugs. Bugs happen, and they are hard to fix. Simply put, it takes too long for VMware to fix acknowledged bugs.
                  • Support
                    • Getting VMware support to acknowledge a bug is not always easy, even when multiple people report seeing the same bug in the forums. Support people sometimes demand a lot of information that I cannot deliver for legal and privacy reasons. Sometimes it feels as if it is used as a way to discourage users from following through with bug reports so they can be closed without further action.


                  Product Quality Summary: I fear that the VMware Fusion team is caught in the "Sad Graph of Software Death", where the "...demand for fixes and features is rapidly outpacing the supply of development time invested...". See:


                  The sad graph of software death


                  Sincerely yours,



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                    wila Guru
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                    This morning when I woked up the twitterverse was talking about a big change for all VMware, people have been laid off.


                    Turns out not just people, but apparently the teams for Fusion/Workstation are now without a job.

                    Haven't seen ANY official word on this, but as several insiders are posting this, there must be some truth in it.


                    I'm flabbergasted. .. literally without words, still hoping it isn't true.


                    The product is great, yes I might complain about some details, but that is just feedback for improvement.


                    What Fusion/Workstation can do still is quite amazing and even while there might be some issues with a particular feature I never did loose a VM.

                    Will have to wait and hear what will happen with the products, in the future.

                    Completely removing(replacing?) the development team is not normally a recipe for improving a product.


                    Any -former- VMware Fusion / Workstation employees reading this.

                    Thanks for building a great product, still love it and... onwards to other great adventures!


                    FWIW: A Tribute to VMware Workstation, Fusion, and Hosted UI | ChipLog




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                      koi Hot Shot

                      Unfortunately, the rumors are true (unless I'm being trolled really hard by my friends). This comes a few years after the Fusion/Workstation QA teams were laid off (and outsourced), so I think upper management's position on consumer virtualization is sadly pretty clear. Making completely unfounded guesses as an outsider, I would expect support to continue for existing customers, and maybe even compatibility versions for whatever new OSes Apple puts out, but yesterday was a sad day.

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                        Woodmeister50 Novice

                        If I am not mistaken, the desktop products is where VMware really got its start.

                        Yet another company abandoning their roots in search of bigger bucks in the

                        corporate market.

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                          wila Guru
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                          Hello Eric,


                          Yes, I concur it was a very sad day for desktop virtualisation products.

                          Sure don't expect the products to die, but they did lay off a lot of expertise for the special case of running on top of another OS and dismantled an amazing team.

                          The love of the engineers for the product did really shine through on how polished it is.


                          re. no word from VMware on layoff's, there's a bit of it, like this one: VMware confirms layoffs and CFO departs after earnings beat but not seen a statement about the details so far.



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                            Woodmeister50 Novice

                            Based on this in the earnings statement:

                            "In 2015, VMware's End-User Computing business grew over 30% year-over-year,

                            bringing the total annual bookings run rate to over $1.2 billion."

                            with Fusion/Workstation part of this group, abandonment seems to be an odd


                            Then again, corporate decisions often don't make sense.

                            Perhaps, like everything else these days, product development is being outsourced

                            to countries with a much cheaper labor force (India comes to mind as many software

                            houses are tapping that resource like manufacturing is tapping China).

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                              wila Guru
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                              Yes did read some comments online that future development/maintenance on Fusion/Workstation was being moved to China, again no official statements on that.


                              As for EUC business growing, umm well...: Sanjay Poonen on Twitter: "Delighted that our @VMware EUC is now BILLION $$$ CLUB, on $1.2B run-rate. Congrats Team EUC!…




                              | Author of Vimalin. The virtual machine Backup app for VMware Desktop Products
                              | Vimalin : Automated backups for VMware Fusion and VMware Workstation Professional
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                                Woodmeister50 Novice

                                Wonder if these folks are being treated like most engineering people in business,

                                like mushrooms (fed @#!% and kept in the dark).

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                                  Mikero Master
                                  VMware Employees

                                  I can't say much at this time guys, but I just couldn't hold back not at least letting you know that I'm still here and I'm listening intently.

                                  It's a crazy week for us, but we've absolutely not given up on the Fusion and Workstation products.

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                                    JuanGuapo Novice

                                    I just read the headlines this morning, and I keep having the same reaction: Dell?!

                                    RIP Fusion.

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