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    Migration Help: HQ 5.8.5

    johnmill Hot Shot

      Hello folks,


      We recently attempted an upgrade to vRealize Hyperic 5.8.5 from our current 4.6.6.  Importing data seems to work fine: Hyperic starts up and shows our platforms, alerts, escalations, groups -- everything.  The problem comes on restart.  Tomcat seems to be listening on ports 7080 and 7443, but it's not replying to HTTP commands.  Thus a spinning wheel of nothingness in my browser.  I get OS-level ACKs on my packets, but no return response.


      server.log makes it as far as


      "27-01-2016 12:50:26,760 EST INFO  [Thread-11] [org.hyperic.hq.events.FileAlertConditionEvaluatorStateRepository@110] Loading alert condition evaluator states from [/opt/hyperic/server-5.8.5-EE/hq-engine/hq-server/ExecutionStrategyStates.dat]"


      and then stops.  We then stop using the initscript provided by the 5.8.5 RPM (RHEL 6).  When restarting a second time, we see:


      27-01-2016 13:10:42,119 EST INFO  [Thread-11] [org.hyperic.hq.events.server.session.RegisteredTriggerManagerImpl@202] Found 20535 enabled triggers


      At this point, there's no more output in server.log.


      Help!! We've been at it for a day now and don't know what to look for in terms of logs, loglevels, etc.  I've attached a copy of our server.log: please have a look and let me know what you find!


      John Miller

      Brandeis University