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        Plum999 Lurker

        I am running Mac OS X 10.10.5 Yosemite w/ Fusion 8.0.0 with a Windows 7 VM and having the same problem. I want to run the VM in "Full Screen" mode and extend across my laptop display and my external monitor, but Fusion refuses to do this now. Has there been any update to resolving this issue?

        • 46. Re: Display Issues with Yosemite
          ssstonebraker Lurker

          I had this working for a while and suddenly it stopped working. 


          Anyway.. here is the long list of what I did before I got it working again (not sure what fixed it but I suspect it might be because i was starting VMWare Fusion with my laptop lid closed and two external monitors hooked up)


          This is what worked for me.

          1. Uninstall VMWare tools
          2. Shut down guest
          3. add isolation.tools.unity.disable = "TRUE" to ~/Library/Preferences/VMware/preferences
          4. Ensure macbook lid is open
          5. Scale all external monitors to same resolution
          6. Hook up both external monitors via HDMI or HDMI to Mini Display Port
          7. Open up VM Fusion but do not start VM
          8. Settings -> Compatibility -> Downgrade the VM to Hardware Version 10
          9. Settings -> Display -> Uncheck All
          10. Quit VMWare Fusion
          11. Open VMFusion
          12. Start Virtual Machine
          13. From VMFusion Menu, Virtual Machine ->  Install VMTools
          14. During install select "Complete"
          15. After install allow machine to reboot
          16. After reboot shutdown VM
          17. Quit VMWare Fusion
          18. Open VMWare fusion
          19. Start VM
          20. Log in to windows
          21. From VMWare Menu
            1. View -> Full Screen
            2. View -> Use all Displays in Full Screen
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            ssstonebraker Lurker

            FYI multi-monitor wasn't working for me (two external monitors and macbook were all mirroring in Windows but not in OSX) and I closed the lid of the macbook and then windows saw the extended monitor.


            Try getting your VM up first with the macbook lid up, set vmware to full screen with all monitors, and then close macbook lid

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