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    ESXi 5.5 Windows 10 VMs Daily Crash

    tbfichter Novice

      We just started deploying Windows 10 VMs in our environment and we are having a really weird issue with them. Every 24 hours, from last boot, the VM will crash. Even weirder is that the time increases 15 minutes each time. So a VM crashes at 10:00am, the next day it would crash right around 10:15am, continually increasing by about 15 minutes. Windows Event Viewer only shows the following event.



      Tried updating to the most recent version of ESXi and updated the tools and it is still happening. I also turned off the auto restart on system failure in Windows in hopes of catching a BSOD but it still just crashes and boots back up.  Google has yielded basically nothing for this. Any insight into this would be amazing.



      vCenter 5.5.0-3252642

      ESXi 5.5.0-3116895 and 5.5.0-3343343