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    Need help with PowerCLI stats collection

    Marcus316 Novice

      Hello all,

      I'm trying to collect some metrics via PowerCLI for

      Datastore Average IOPS


      Guest Average Latency (GAVG) for all VMs in a given Datastore.

      This is normally a straightforward process if the vCenter statistics levels are configured properly, which I believe they are. But here is my problem :

      When I run "Get-StatType -Entity Datastore-1", these are all the metrics I get

      PowerCLI C:\> Get-StatType -Entity Datastore-1

      However, when I try to grab one of these stats, I get nothing back, for example :

      PowerCLI C:\>Get-Stat -Entity Datastore-1 -Stat datastore.numberReadAveraged.average
      PowerCLI C:\>

      When I do a simple "Get-Stat -Entity Datastore-1" I get plenty of stats of "disk.used.latest" stats but not the metrics I want, which are "datastore.numberReadAveraged.average" and "datastore.numberWriteAveraged.average".
      The just don't seem to work via PowerCLI.

      I tried getting them another way, by "Getting" all VMs in a given Datastore and then Aggregating that data, but even at the VM level I get the same result.
      The stat is there but there are no values for it. However, I CAN get see these metrics when I go to a VM's Performance tab in the vSphere client!

      If anyone has an idea of what the problem could be, please let me know!


      - vCenter version is 5.5.
      - Database rollup tasks are all functionning properly.
      - My vCenter Statistics levels are set to 3 for the 3 first Intervals (P.S.: it has been set to 3 for about 3 weeks, before that it was at 1 everywhere)
      - My PowerCLI version :

      PowerCLI C:\> Get-PowerCLIVersion

      PowerCLI Version
         VMware vSphere PowerCLI 5.5 Release 2 Patch 1 build 1931983
      Snapin Versions
         VMWare AutoDeploy PowerCLI Component 5.5 build 1890764
         VMWare ImageBuilder PowerCLI Component 5.5 build 1890764
         VMware License PowerCLI Component 5.5 build 1265954
         VMware VDS PowerCLI Component 5.5 build 1926677
         VMware vSphere PowerCLI Component 5.5 Patch 1 build 1926677