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    Internal VLAN Design for ESX 5.5

    ongoky Lurker

      Dear all ,


      I would like to ask will this environment to be totally isolated.


      I am planning to perform a P2V project . The scenario happen as below:


      2 ESX 5.5 , 1 Vcenter and several production VM running in both ESX 5.5 .



      Production VM - 10 VMs



      Production VM - 5 VMs


      VM WS2012 R2 RDP Session - 2 NIC -

      NIC1 - One allows Production RDP

      NIC2 - Internal Network with No Binding


      P2V VM - 2 NIC ( For Testing before GO LIVE)

      NIC1 - Production IP ( No Virtual Network Profile Attach)

      NIC2 - Internal Network ( to allows RDP VM with internal Network Access)


      If i setup the environment like this , by anychance the VM2 will able to access my RDP VM and corrupt my production network ?

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          linotelera Hot Shot

          Hi and welcome

          I'm trying to understand:

          host-1 with virtual standard switch connected to production network and a portgroup for this purpose

          host-2 with vss connected to internal network and a portgroup for this purpose

          In this scenario, internal traffic is allowed only when VM is placed in host2 and connected to the relative portgroup


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            ongoky Lurker

            Hi ,


            THanks for your reply.


            What i need to do is actually to setup a ISOLATES environment for my finance and others department user to remote desktop into P2Ved VM for testing.


            I do not watn to open my Vcenter access for them to interrupted the rest of VMs.


            That why i want to setup a ESX host taht ablet to host both production and test VMs.


            the VM(RDP) server can be inside same host , as long as those P2Ved VM wont interrupt to my production Server , as their production Vnic is P2Ved together even without any Vswitch attach to it