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    Vmotion Vlan HP 2920

    scottcofcqld Lurker

      Hi. This may be a general or HP network question but I thought i would try here first.

      I am trying to setup a Vmotion VLAN on a HP 2920 Switch as per this article VMware KB: Multiple-NIC vMotion in vSphere


      I have the ports on the HP switch set as untagged to vlan 50, no trunking or aggregation as per the article.


      I have a vswitch with 2 nics just for this. Management and VM Portgroup traffic is on another v switch.


      It all works perfectly if I set the VLANs on the 2 vmotion vmkernel ports to None(0). If I set the VLAN to 50 then it stops working.


      Is this as expected? In my other vswitch I have multiple VM Portgroups with different VLANS but these are connected to ports on the HP switch where the VLAN is tagged (not untagged)


      Much appreciated