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    CloudClient support

    Fwa Enthusiast

      If we buy vRA support or have a contract of SDK, is the CloudClient supported by VMware?  Or is this not supported because CloudClient is free?

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          SeanKohler Expert

          Cloud Client is supported.  I have submitted tickets for it under vRA, and it *may* have its own support queue at some point as well.  Engineering has recommended that we look at using it where possible for our extensible actions into the product as they can then support underlying REST/API platform changes and we can have consistency in our execution/request calls.


          The BEST example I have seen of leveraging Cloud Client (and ASD for that matter) can be found in the vRealize Code Stream Management Pack for IT DevOps 2.2 - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (formally Houdini) product.  If you get a license for CodeStream, be sure to check out this free packaging/versioning tool for vRA, vRO and Linux file systems.


          Q.  What kind of technology was used to build the management pack?

          A. It was built using generally available VMware products, including:

              • vRealize Code Stream as the core pipeline engine that codifies and automates the SDLC process for vRA content
              • vRealize Automation Advanced Service Designer as the front-end UI that allows administrators to select the content to package, version, test (optionally) and move across vRA and vRO instances.
              • vRealize Orchestrator for various parts of the business logic, particularly determining vRA content dependencies
              • vRealize Code Stream Artifactory (embedded JFrog Artifactory) to store and version vRA packages.
              • CloudClient as the communication interface between the Advanced Service Designer and Code Stream


          I am of the opinion that you will be able to accelerate your automation efforts considerably by looking first at CloudClient for things you would want to do via vRA/vRO REST or other portions of the SDK (e.g. those found in the VRO plugin).


          Best of luck!

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            Fwa Enthusiast

            Hi SeanKohler,


            > Cloud Client is supported.

            Great even though Micosoft's free tool is not support in general.


            Through the SR for vRA, have you had any experience to get answer from VMware about questions related to CloudClient?