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    Veeam backup taking 9 hours on a 2tb backup then disconnecting for 20 minutes at the end

    dschoenbeck Lurker

      Im using Veeam 8.0 to backup one of my File server VMs    windows server 2008r2   Its about a 2 TB VM and it takes about 9 hours just for an incremental that is only processing about 13 gb of data.    At the end of the backup,  Vsphere tells me its removing snapshot.   it gets to about 99% and then the VM disconnects from the system and it takes about 20 minutes for it to come back online.   I have talked to Veeam and they say its normal for it to do what its doing but not at this length of time and theytold me to go to VMware.    VMware tells me to try the boards for help.


      anyone have any Idea why its taking this long and disconnecting.