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    IDM and View Pool Permissions with AD Groups

    Richo001 Lurker

      Hi All,


      I am running up a PoC with Horizon View and IDM.  We have had View running for some time now but only just started to play with IDM to test it capabilities.


      We typically have our RDSH and View permissions granted by AD group membership.


      I am having some trouble whereby in IDM I have it synchronizing the selected AD groups, and also the View pools but membership entitlements are not showing.


      Only one of my AD groups is showing entitlements to it but no other is.


      I've moved some of the pools into the root access group in View but that has not made any difference either.


      Any idea on what could be stopping the groups to be entitled to the View and RDSH pools? Anything that I should be looking out for?



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          rtindall Enthusiast
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          When you integrate VIEW and vIDM we have two parts. We have the AD sync which brings users into vIDM and allows them to use vIDM. We then have the VIEW portion of things. We need to perform a VIEW Sync not only for VIEW Pools and Applications but also for user entitlements. These user that are brought into vIDM will also need to part of the AD sync and will need to follow the required attributes in order for them to be sync'd correctly.