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    ESXi 5.5 Can't send e-mail via console

    rKrs Lurker

      Greetings everyone,


      I've installed a ESXi 5.5 host for testing purposes and I'm currently trying to send an outbound e-mail via SSH console, but I'm not having any luck making it work.


      The mail server accepts incoming connections over the standard SMTP port 25, tested via telnet on another machine and it works without any problems.


      On the ESXi I connect over SSH and try to do the same thing with netcat but after I receive an initial response from the mail server all communication stops.

      Note that I have added a firewall rule to allow outbound traffic over port 25 and even tried with the ESXi firewall completely disabled but nothing changed, I can't get past the initial mail server response.



      I would appreciate if anyone could offer some advice on where to look next.



      UPDATE> I fixed it ages ago but forgot to post an update, anyway the problem was in line termination characters (CR/LF) used in Windows e-mail servers and the specific netcat version used on ESXi 5.5 which does not send the mentioned CR/LF at the end of each line. Even the -C switch which should enable it to do so did not work properly with my e-mail server.


      So in the end I changed the e-mail server to a Linux one which fixed the problem.


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