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    vRealize Automation + NSX Distributed Routers

    Marcus316 Novice

      Hi everyone,


      3 questions regarding vRA + NSX integration and distributed routers :


      1 - Is there any way to provision a distributed router as part of a multi-machine blueprint in vRA?


      2 - It doesn't seem to be possible natively, has anyone developed anything that would do this via a vRO workflow? Via a call to the NSX API?


      3 - Is there something I am missing in thinking that I would want to deploy 1 logical router per "application stack"? (1 application stack = 1 multi machine blueprint)



      For reference, here are the software versions I'm using  :

      vRA v6.2

      NSX plugin for vRO v1.0.2

      NSX v6.2

      vCenter 6.0