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    GA Announcement: vRealize Hyperic 5.8.5 is Now Live


      What’s new?

      Hyperic 5.8.5 is a maintenance release with major and minor bug fixes.

      In addition to general issue fixing, the following changes have been made:

      • The user interface has been upgraded to use Apache Struts 2 framework.
        Users who have created custom pages or extensions to the user interface, must update their pages to the Struts 2 framework.
      • As part of the user interface upgrade, the URLs of all pages have changed.
        Users who have scripts that point to vRealize Hyperic pages must modify the URLs accordingly.
      • New buttons are provided in the user interface to set or clear indicator flags for metrics in the Edit Metric Template page.
        Metrics that were enabled or disabled earlier retain their state unless you specifically change them.
      • JRE version 7u91 (1.7.0-91) is supported.
      • SSLv3 has been removed from the vRealize Hyperic agent.
      • TC Server has been updated to version 3.0.2 and Tomcat to verion 8.


      • The PostgreSQL database has been upgraded to version 9.1.15.
      • The cipher list in the vRealize Hyperic server and agent has been upgraded to provide enhanced security
      • JVM MBean query causes update agent message
        A JVM MBean query no longer causes the Unable to deserialize agent data. You may need to update your agent. message.
      • vRealize Hyperic server startup takes too long
        The start up time for vRealize Hyperic server has been improved.
      • vRealize Hyperic discovers Microsoft Windows 2102r2 as unknown
        Microsoft Windows 2102 r2 is no longer discovered as unknown by vRealize Hyperic.
      • Agent using Java 6 cannot connect to the vRealize Hyperic server
        Agents using Java 6 can now connect to the vRealize Hyperic server.
      • HibernateTransactionManager timeout too low causing transactions to be aborted
        The timeout for HibernateTransactionManager is no longer so low that transactions are aborted.
      • CPU is reported as 1 when the availbility is 0
        The CPU availability is no longer incorrectly reported as 1 (meaning 100%), when the availbility is actually 0.
      • Heavy agent CPU utilization when is agent unable to communicate with the server
        Heavy agent CPU utilization no longer occurs when the agent is unable to communicate with the vRealize Hyperic server.
      • Sybase JDBC password displayed in clear text
        The Sybase JDBC password is no longer displayed in clear text when plug-in debugging is enabled.


      Known Issues in vRealize Hyperic 5.8.5

      The following issue is known to exist in this version of vRealize Hyperic.

      • Following an update of vRealize Hyperic, the LDAP password does not display any characters in the user interface. Nevertheless, the password is configured, saved in the database, and works as expected.