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    Horizon Flex Deployment Issue

    Madlabs Lurker

      Dear All


      Requesting your support for this issue


      Here I am trying to deploy Horizon flex , Firstly Flex is composed of Mirage Components.


      Also installed CA service on my Domain controller(windows 2012 ) and installed .7pb files on the below components and
      certificates have got installed on the below components.

      Mirage components include :

      1) Mirage Management Server

      2) Mirage Server
      3)Mirage Management Console

      4)Mirage Web management (FLEX)


      I have installed 1) and 4) in single VM and 2) and 3) in another VM
      I am able to login to the flex and have set it up
      I have also created CVD and uploaded .tar file to google drive
      How my Mirage Management server and uploaded Image does not communicate.


      Kindly Advise

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          Erossman Enthusiast

          Hi Madlabs,


          can you please explain a little bit deeper whats the issue?

          Do you want to config your flex entitlements with mirage settings? Take a lot at my screenshot below.

          FlexEntitlement 2.PNG




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            JoseRestrepo14 Lurker

            I had this same issue with my deployment;


                 The issue was related to IIS, which Flex uses to manage its images and policies.  By default, the virtual directory that you created is only allowed to be accessed with by users who are part of the local admin group.  Since i had two separate servers, the management server did not have rights.  I changed the user account used to view the directory from a local user to a domain user to fix the issue.


            Good luck!!