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    Delete Files From vSAN Datastore

    zdickinson Expert

      This thread:  Re: Clean a VSAN Datastore, talks about using /usr/lib/vmware/osfs/bin/objtool to delete objects from a vSAN datastore.  How do I determine which objects make up a VMDK?


      Full story, we have a third party replication software.  During a particular operation it's supposed to move VMDKs around.  Sometimes this fails and leaves the originating VMDK.  So at this point, it's just a file sitting on the datastore and not associated with any VM.  How do I go about deleting those files?  I guess it could be asked about any file on the datastore.  Let's day I stored some ISO files, how would you delete those.


      I don't think that opening up the datastore browser, right click delete, is the correct route.  This is vSAN 6.


      Thank you, Zach.