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    Kernel debugging between two virtual machines not working

    arielk Lurker

      Hey, I've asked this question on stack overflow and they told me i should try my luck here.. so here goes
      windows - Kernel debugging between two virtual machines not working - Reverse Engineering Stack Exchange


      i want to do kernel debugging on my vm from another vm.

      My setup is pretty simple,

      Debugged - VM: Windows XP SP3 (To be debugged)

      Debugger - VM: Windows 7 SP1 (With Windbg installed - the Debugger)

      the pipe configuration is pretty simple as well.. both ends should be set as The other end is a virtual machine, and on the XP VM i set the pipe as This end is the server and on the Win7 vm i set This end is the client. Im using Vmware Workstation 10.0.3 btw..

      I know i did setup my XP vm correctly because i can debug it from the host easily - configuring The other end is an application and connecting it with Windbg from my host computer (Win7 x64) and its working properly. So i know there is no problem with my Win-XP setup

      But doing the same thing from the other vm, nothing happens. I looked through the internet and i even followed tutorials that explained exactly what i already did. I have no idea what i'm missing and i feel pretty helpless so i came asking here.

      Anyone got any ideas what is the problem with my setup?