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    Manage CPU overload

    EmericB Lurker

      Hello guys,


      Can anyone tell me how to manage CPU Overload for a cluster in VROPS please ?

      Is it by strategy ? If yes, which one ?


      Sorry, first time i use VROPS without any doc.


      Thank u !

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          NuggetGTR Expert
          vExpertVMware Employees

          It really all depends,


          First of you need to define what you classify as "overload" There are 2 methods there is demand and allocation. Demand is automatically calculated based on a number of metrics and will usually give you a good idea what is actually being demanded by the guest VMs.

          Second is allocation this is what you can define as in 6:1 vCPU to pCPU this is based on what your requirements are. Being an administrator you usually have a good idea on how the cluster is running and what it limits have.


          You can both enabled and go with the most restrictive


          These are configured though the policies applied to the cluster


          There is lots of good doco around for it.

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            EmericB Lurker

            Yeah i understand what u mean, i need to change allocation for a 2:1 vCPU