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    Is vRealize Operations needed for Hyperic

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      Hello All,


      We are looking at providing application monitoring within our VMware environment as well as Application HA.  vRealize Hyperic appears to be the solution for this.  We have a vSphere 6 Standard environment.  I understand Hyperic a component of vRealize Operations.  We don't have either of these products and I haven't worked them. 


      Do we need vRealize Operations and Hyperic to accomplish application monitoring and HA?  Or can we accomplish both with just Hyperic?  (ie: Do we need both?)


      Also, even if vRealize Operations isn't required, is it better to work with Hyperic through vRealize than as a standalone product? 


      Any insight would be appreciated!

      Thank you...

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          Ok, there are a number of points I need to make here:


          1) AppHA is end of life product and I would not recommend implementing it. please see this LINK, How ever 3rd party products will work in its place. also mentioned in the link


          2) Hyperic is a stand alone product and does not require vROps you can manage Application and OS metrics from within the Hyperic UI


          3) in vROps 6.1 some Hyperic functionality has been moved over as endpoint Management but this is limited to a couple of application compared to what can be managed with Hyperic


          4) Hyperic and vROps integration allows you to map your vSphere objects down to the OS and application level giving you a single plane of glass and able to see right down into the guest OS as well as general vsphere infrastructure give a better picture when troubleshooting.


          5) not sure if its stand alone can contact sales to find out but both are available in vRealize Operations Advanced and enterprise.