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    Access Point - All connections refused

    EyKeule Novice



      I've a hard fight with the new EUC Access Point.

      I have imported the appliance to my vSphere 5.5 environment in various ways and configurations (single NIC, 3 NIC, with and w/o Horizon config) already and followed all steps outlined in the admin guide. Unfortunately I always get the same result. The appliance is booting fine, but refusing every network connection (https & ssh). When I logon to the console I can see the gateway user is running 3 processes called java, of which one consumes 100% CPU (it's actually 200% b/c 2 CPUs). From the appliance I can ping all backend systems and DNS resolution works.

      Unfortunately I also did not manage to make the appliance send any message to my Solarwinds Kiwi Syslog server. So I'm flying blind right now.


      What am I missing?

      Anyone seen this before?

      Is there a video or step by step guide I could follow to make sure I'm not doing anything stupid?