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    NTP Woes

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      I'm having issues with NTP on multiple Log Insight Servers, Build 3.0.0-3021606. NTP is configured to use a Windows DC as a time source, other devices are configured to use the time source with out issue.


      On the Log Insight servers, time is showing 1 hour behind and is also in 24 hour format. date -u and hwclock are exactly the same from the command line which makes me think the NTP configured time source is being ignored.


      When I run ntpq -p there is no * beside the NTP source , refid is .LOCL.

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          You are correct, this output from ntpq -p indicates that the NTP daemon is not syncing with the upstream peer. What does the offset field contain? If the time offset between this server and the remote AD time provider is high, ntpd may refuse to trust the peer. E.g.,


          [root@localhost ~]# ntpq -p

              remote          refid      st t when poll reach  delay  offset  jitter


    .LOCL.          1 u  26  64  377    0.421  -1326.9  10.523


          You may have success in setting the time directly with the date command, such that it's close enough of an offset for ntpd to start synchronization and take over.

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            Hi acastonguay


            offset is huge, over 12000, this is odd as Log Insight Server and NTP time source are on the same network

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              Setting date manually offset is now -359898