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    OVF deploy using Web Client : Next button enabled without accepting EULA

    hdesai Novice

      When you deploy an OVF/OVA appliance, you are presented with a EULA for most appliances


      In vSphere web client, the next button in the OVF deploy wizard is enabled even if user has not accepted the EULA. The issue was seen running latest chrome browser on windows platform. Our team is shipping a management appliance in OVF format. So having the end users accept the EULA before proceeding is important for us.

      In the traditional windows client, the correct behavior is seen where only after user clicks Accept, the Next button is enabled.


      Is this a known issue?


      I have attached 2 screenshots showing the behavior.


      view_planner_windows_client.jpg shows the next button is disabled if accept is not clicked.

      view_planner_web_client.jpg shows the next button is enabled without accept being clicked.