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    Licensing Question - 4 Physical Processors

    Squirrelish Lurker

      I am not sure if this is the place, but I had a question on licensing for vSphere Essentials.


      I have a single, DL580 server (with four physical processors) and would like to get ESXi 6.0 and the VCSA (simply because I want to use the latest-and-greatest VM versions for PCI passthrough) - everything about the free edition of ESXi is fine, except no VCSA (which makes me want to look elsewhere for a solution - I don't have any HA needs).


      However, the Essentials Kit lists the following:


      License Entitlement - "3 servers with up to 2 processors each"


      Am I reading this right? Can I really only use up to two CPU licenses on one host? The free edition appears to let me use all 4!


      Thanks in advance!