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    vSphere 6.0 hardening guide - What happened?!

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      I've been using the Hardening Guides for a number of years and just opened the version 6.0 one to discover significant changes are afoot?!!

      The Guide is no longer broken down into Tabs according to technology Area (ESXi, VM, vCenter, SSO etc) but they are all in a list. That's ok but many are missing. There's a second document which provides more settings but....points you to the VMware Documentation. So I no longer have a single document to audit my environment against....


      What happened and why has the approach changed?

      I'm trying not to be cynical and say VMware want to make it harder for you so you buy Configuration Manager, but this makes a tedious job much, much harder than it needs to be.


      Any comments or am I missing something?