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    Esxi 5.5 Reinstall

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      I have to reinstall Esxi 5.5 as the password was corrupted or reset or something. (Used it many times without issue then one day it stopped working)


      Anyways I need to reinstall and keep my vm's untouched! I have found that the reinstall can be simple but I am very nervous about it deleting my VMs. I am unable to make proper backups as this password is linked to Veeam, our backup software. I have made windows server backups so the data is saved but that would be a pain to have to recreate the VMs from scratch.


      I found this post:

      Re: Need help: How to retrieve/change password in ESXi 5.5 + VSpheres


      And it mentions something about the re-partitioning of a drive...... I am confused as to how my setup is configured but if Esxi is on the same drive as the VMs I will lose the VMs?


      Help me!


      Please and thank you!