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    vmotion fails. msg.vmk.status.VMK_IS_DISCONNECTED (195887150).

    yobah Lurker

      Morning All,



      I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction, as I have now ran out of idea with this very strange vMotion issue.



      Within one of my datacentres, I have two esxi servers, esx01 and esx02, which are connected to two 10Gb switches.

      Each esx server has two 10Gb adapters (vmnic06 and vmnic07) which are configured in a distrbuted switch. We then have a number of

      port groups.



      I have a vmkernel (vmk3) configured on both nodes that sit within a dedicated portgroup (none routeable vlan) which is configured for vmotion. Vmotion is not set anywhere else.



      So, when I do a vmotion while the VM is online from esx01 to esx02, it works without issue. However, when I try to vmotion from esx02 back to esx01, it fails at 14% with the following error:



      Migration to host <IP> failed with error msg.vmk.status.VMK_ECONNRESET (195887179).

      The migration transfer failed during the receive operation to socket 71509975775520: received 0/72 bytes: Connection reset by peer




      msg.vmk.status.VMK_IS_DISCONNECTED (195887150).



      If the VM is shutdown, it migrates without issue.



      Now, if I remove vmnic7 from the DVS on esx01, it works without issue.



      VMKPing, pings etc all work from the cli.



      All vlans are configured on the ports.



      Any ideas?