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    Enable Display Cloning

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      I'm trying to enable Display Cloning/Mirroring on our Clear Cube Zero clients. We have Dual and Quad Port Tera2's in our environment. FW Verizon 4.8, running Horizon View 5.5 Cloned Desktops in a Floating Pool.

      I'm using a Quad Tera 2 Processor Revision TERA2140, rev:1.0. I have "Enable Display Cloning" with a value of Enabled in the profile which is successfully applied to my zero client. No joy and I don't see an option in the Display Topology menu to clone or mirror displays.

      The description claims Display Cloning "this propertyonly effects Tera2LC's" which I'm not sure how to tell if that's the kind of hardware that I have.

      Is there another step that I'm missing, possibly at the View Admin Level? How can I tell if my Zero clients are Tera2"LC"'s?