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    Setting up custom alarm to notify when NTP service stops

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      We had an issue recently where the NTP service on one of our ESXi servers stopped. This was an issue because the VMs get their time from the host and as a result the time on the server was off and a critical app failed. I looked at the alarms and it turns out there is no predefined alarm for the NTP service state. I looked into setting up a custom alarm but got stuck, I opened a ticket with VMware and the tech worked with me for a bit but he could not get it to work either and he eventually just said it was not supported. I want an alarm to get triggered when the service stops, has anyone had any luck setting this up?


      We are running ESXi, 5.5.0, 2456374 and our vCenter server is 5.5.0 build 2183111. The alarm is set at the cluster level and is monitoring 'hosts'. The trigger event is set to "esx.problem.ntpd.clock.correction.error". I enabled the alarm and then stopped NTP on one of my ESXi hosts, it's been 2 hours and still now alarm.