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    vSphere client cant connect to ESXi 5.5. Connection timeout.

    mark_13 Lurker

      vSphere client cant connect to ESXi 5.5. System error message:


      Call "ServiceInstance.RetrieveContent" for object "ServiceInstance" on Server failed.

      The request failed because the remote server took too long to respond. (The command has timed out as the remote server is taking too long to respond)


      I dont change any settings in ESXi when this problem was spotted. I have tried to connect with different computers. Error message was same. When i trying to connect i see message of ssl cert, then client try to connect for long time, and finaly i get this error.


      But i can ping server with ESXi. When i do telnet <IP> 443 i get black screen of cmd. All virtual machines running on hypervisor works, and i can acces to VMs with 443, 80, ssh and rdp.


      Scan ESXi with nmap.


      Not shown: 989 filtered ports


      22/tcp   closed ssh

      80/tcp   open   http

      427/tcp  open   svrloc

      443/tcp  open   https

      902/tcp  open   iss-realsecure

      5988/tcp closed wbem-http

      5989/tcp open   wbem-https

      8000/tcp open   http-alt

      8080/tcp closed http-proxy

      8100/tcp open   xprint-server

      8300/tcp closed tmi


      How can i fix this problem?